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Fiscal Year Ended
Dollars in thousands, except per unit data27-Sep-1426-Sep-1524-Sep-16
Adjusted EBITDA1$338,502$334,039$223,043
Net Income94,50984,35214,440
Net Income per Unit (diluted)1.561.380.24
Distributable Cash Flow2$223,851$216,542$109,787
Distributions Paid per Unit3.503.553.55
Distribution Growth Rate (%)

1EBITDA represents net income before deducting interest expense, income taxes, depreciation and amortization. Adjusted EBITDA represents EBITDA excluding the unrealized net gain or loss on mark-to-market activity for derivative instruments and other items.
2Adjusted EBITDA less capital expenditures, cash interest expense and provision for income taxes.